"The art of detecting deception lies in the ability to read between the words and observe the unspoken truths."

Deception testing can be a valuable tool for your company in ensuring trust and security within your workforce. By employing these tests, you can help safeguard sensitive information, protect your organization from potential risks, and maintain a culture of honesty and integrity. Polygraphs, in particular, offer a non-invasive and scientifically validated method to assess the truthfulness of employees or job applicants in situations where veracity is critical. Whether you’re concerned about internal theft, maintaining compliance, or simply want to enhance the credibility of your team, deception testing can be a crucial component of your company’s security and risk management strategy.

Types of deception testing we offer:
– Poly-Stress Testing (Combination of Polygraph and Voice Stress System.)
– Voice Stress Testing
Categories for testing.
– Pre-Employment Screening
– Periodical Anti-Poaching Tests
– Incident Investigations
– Periodical Criminal Activity/ Fraud Prevention Testing
Poly-Stress System: R850 per test excluding vat.
Voice-Stress: R700 per test excluding vat.
*Rates can lower depending on the amount of people being tested.

"Deception is like a shadow - it may hide, but it can never truly disappear under the light of scrutiny."