Enchanting Warrior Camps

"Self-defense is not about physical techniques; it's about the confidence to stand tall and say 'I am worth protecting."

Welcome to the Enchanting Warrior Camps, where empowerment meets preparedness. These camps are a dedicated space for women to learn essential self defense skills, boost confidence and enhance personal safety.  We believe that every woman deserves to feel secure and empowered in her daily life. 
What you will learn:
– Escape and evasion techniques
– Close Combat Self Defense (Krav Mega)
– Basic Weapons Training
– Removing a weapon from an assailant
– How to use anything as a weapon
– Fight with your mind and not emotion
Camps run from a Friday 12h00 to Sunday 16h00. Prices, venues and dates subject to change. Dates to be released in 2024. Join us for a transformative weekend designed exclusively for women, focused on self defense and personal empowerment. Have the life long skill of never having the victim mentality.

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