Incident Investigations and Testing

When it comes to deception tests, there are a few options we can offer you. Firstly you have the old fashioned Polygraph test, which is well known and used by most Companies.

However, we are trying to keep up with the most recent technology, and therefore can also offer you the Forensic Voice Stress Analyses, as well as the combination of the 2 systems, being the Poly-stress Test.

Differences and Explanations on test types

  • Detections of deception via:
    • Forensic voice stress Analyses (FVAS) VSA records an inaudible component of human voice, commonly referred to as the Lippold Tremor. Under normal circumstances, the laryngeal muscle is relaxed, producing a Tremor in the voice at approximately 12Hz. Under stress however, the tensed laryngeal muscle lowers the frequency of the Tremor, i.e. higher the stress, the lower the Tremor's frequency. VSA technology records psycho-physiological stress responses that present in human voice, when a person suffers psychological stress in response to a stimulus. Measures the following:
      • Micro Muscle tremor (MMT)
      • Duration of the utterance
      • Glottis open and closure times
      • Amplitude of the utterance
      • The Antagonistic Response Altheometer (TARA)
      • Pitch changes
    • Polygraph testing
    • Polygraph examinations are designed to look for significant involuntary responses going on in a person's body when that person is subjected to stress, such as the stress associated with deception. Polygraphs do not detect lies but can detect deceptive behavior even through the stress brought on by the exam itself. Physiological activities that are monitored by the polygraph include:
      • Respiratory rate
      • Blood pressure
      • Heart rate
      • Galvanic skin resistance (Perspiration levels)
    • Poly-stress testing (Combination of the 2 systems above)
  • Specific incident investigations. (Theft, Fraud etc.)
  • Insurance fraud.
  • Sexual harassment.
  • Assisting in Rhino-Poaching Investigations.

Analysts are all A.P.A.V.S.A. qualified. (American Polygraph and voice stress association)

Fraud Prevention

Through Periodic FVAS testing,
reaffirm trust in your employees. They’ll be kept on the straight and narrow and you’ll remain protected against financial loss within your Company.

Studies have shown that 20% of Employees are just honest by nature, 10% are dishonest, and the remaining 70% will sway the way you allow them to….!

Prevent criminal affiliations

  • Screen existing staff for competitor or syndicate affiliations
  • Any “white collar” crime
  • Theft of stock or money from the Business

Deter workplace crimes

  • Knowing the next person to be tested could be you, is enough to deter any acts of theft, fraud or other forms of crime.
  • Seeing an example made of staff that were stealing; will also make them think twice before involving themselves in any criminal act.
  • This will show your staff that you mean business, and that you do not tolerate any theft or fraud within your Company.