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This unique team of investigators are not only specialists in the detection of deception, but they are also certified profilers. One glance at your face, and they will know exactly who and what you and your personality traits are!

Physiognomy, a 5000-year-old science, or in layman's terms "the profiling of the face" is only one of the numerous profiling techniques they make use of. Trained to pick up deception in any written or verbal statement you make, or just listening to the way you speak, they can pick up on false statements in an instant.It goes without saying that every member of this team are masters in persuasion, excellent negotiators and understand the human mind and behaviour on an expert level.

The Iqiniso Team are also able to assist you in high-profile job appointments. Being at your side through the whole interviewing process they will handle every step, from background screenings to assuring the appointment of the right personality for the position via profiling and psychometric testing. Acting as observers in application interviews they ensure that hopeful, but untrustworthy candidates are eliminated in the selection process.

Meet the Team

Lizelle Grobler

Managing Director

    As Managing Director, Lizelle is a licensed Forensic Psycho-Physiologist (A.P.A.V.S.A) and has a master’s certification in NLP and Hypnosis. After studying Forensic Psychology at the University of Pretoria, she spent another 8 years of training in the field of Deception. She also holds an IACET Criminal Profiling certification.

  • Member of American Polygraph and Voice stress Association
  • Member of Association for Neuro Linguistic Programming
  • MEX 1 & MEX 2 (Micro-Expressions Solutions – Centurion)
  • Criminal Profiling certification Training – Universal Class IACET Authorized
  • Advanced Physiognomy Training – Face Profile SA
  • NLP Practitioner & Life Coach Advanced Training – Mental Combat
  • NLP Hypnotherapist – Advanced Certification – Mental Combat
  • Advanced Detection of Deception & Forensic Recruitment Training – WELCOR SA
  • Lisenced Forensic Psycho-Physiologist (A.P.A.V.S.A)
  • Winner of the SACBW 2016 Business Woman of the Year Award
  • 2016 Winner of the Bring Change Africa Lowveld Competition
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Voice-Stress Analyst

Forensic FVAS Analyst
Certified NLP Practitioner

Tony Wake

Persuasion Specialist

    Tony holds the title as SA's only certified "street hypnotist" and is a specialist in the fields of Hypnosis, Behaviour and Persuasion. He is a master trainer of NLP, holds an Ethno Psychologist (E.Psych.) certification, and is currently busy with his Ph.D. in Metaphysics.

  • Certified Master NLP Practitioner
  • Certified NLP Hypnotherapist
  • Specialist: Influence & Persuasion
  • Advanced Physiognomy Training
  • Human Behaviour & Mental Development
  • Ethno Psychologist (E. Psych)
  • Certified Stage Hypnotherapist